Melpomeni - Birra alla lavanda

Melpomeni - Birra alla lavanda

15.00 - 22.00

Available in 33cl and 75cl, Melpomeni is an experiment born out of the desire to explore lavender beyond its commonly celebrated uses. We grow the lavender over 2 hectares here in Florence, following organic practices only. We hand cut it, dry its flowers and then hand them over to our master brewer Filippo, who brews our beer using a warm fermentation and adding the lavender through a decoction.

Our lavender beer is an artisanal blonde, non-filtered, non-pasteurised. The result is a refreshing drink with light floral notes, appealing to both beer lovers and doubters thanks to its delicate taste.

Wonderful when paired with bold and spicy dishes lending itself as a palate cleanser between bites, as well as accompanying simple fish or vegetable dishes as its taste doesn’t overpower delicate flavours. Ideally paired with cold cuts and cheese, or on its own on a hot summer day :)

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Sacchettini di lavanda tinti con colori naturali
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